NOTE: Windows support is currently alpha functionality.

Starting a cluster using Vagrant

You can now deploy a lattice cluster from your Windows workstation using Vagrant and VirtualBox or VMware. A Windows-compiled ltc executable is also available.


  • VirtualBox or VMware
  • Vagrant
  • A lattice bundle


  1. Unzip the lattice bundle.
  2. Run vagrant up inside of the vagrant directory of the unzipped bundle.
  3. Download ltc.exe using the URL from the output of the previous command.
  4. use ltc.exe as documented on the ltc page, noting the limitations listed below.



Colored output is currently not supported on Windows.


ltc ssh requires a pseudo-terminal and will not function properly from the default Windows command shells (Cmd, Powershell). We recommend using ltc ssh non-interactively:

ltc ssh -- ps auxw

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