Manual Install for Lattice

Lattice supports two different deployment methods: Vagrant, for the local host, and Terraform which automates the process of deploying a Lattice cluster to public clouds. Automated deployment to private clouds is not supported. However, deployment can be done manually. Follow these steps to deploy Lattice to a single pre-provisioned VM or host.

These instructions apply specifically to the v0.5.0 release. They will not work for newer versions. We are evaluating how to support manual installations following the packer-bosh cluster retooling.


  • Ubuntu-based Linux install
    • At least 12GB of raw disk provisioned for the VM
    • Access to the Internet (to download packages)
  • No previous lattice installations already running
  • Following packages installed via apt-get:
    • curl
    • gcc
    • make
    • quota
    • linux-image-extra-$(uname -r)
    • btrfs-tools
    • lighttpd
    • lighttpd-mod-webdav


1) Download the v0.5.0 backend lattice.tgz

$ curl -o lattice.tgz

2) Unpack installer script from lattice.tgz

$ tar xzf lattice.tgz --strip-components 2 lattice-build/scripts/install-from-tar

3) Populate the lattice-environment file

$ sudo mkdir -p /var/lattice/setup
$ sudo tee /var/lattice/setup/lattice-environment >/dev/null <<EOF

4) Download and unpack the CFLinuxFS2 Stack Release. - Lattice v0.5.0 is bundled with 1.6.0

$ export STACK_VERSION=1.6.0
$ wget$STACK_VERSION/cflinuxfs2-$STACK_VERSION.tar.gz --quiet -O /tmp/cflinuxfs2-$STACK_VERSION.tar.gz
$ sudo mkdir -p /var/lattice/rootfs/cflinuxfs2
$ sudo tar -xzf /tmp/cflinuxfs2-$STACK_VERSION.tar.gz -C /var/lattice/rootfs/cflinuxfs2
$ sudo rm -f /tmp/cflinuxfs2-$STACK_VERSION.tar.gz

5) Run the installer script

$ sudo ./install-from-tar lattice.tgz

Note: The lattice cluster can take some time to become available. Please ltc target the new cluster and try ltc test -v until the cluster is healthy.

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